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digital nomad destinations

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Imagine having your coffee in a cozy café in Bangkok. Your laptop is open, with super-fast Wi-Fi. Around you, digital nomads work and chat about top spots and events. This lifestyle isn’t just a dream. It’s real for many around the world.

Bali’s beauty, Chiang Mai’s low cost, Mexico City’s energy, and Tbilisi’s history stand out. These places offer amazing experiences for remote workers. With high-speed internet in 79% of these places, staying connected is easy1. Plus, 52% offer a beautiful tropical climate, perfect for outdoor life1.

The draw isn’t just the weather or online access. Digital nomads thrive in diverse spots like Georgia, Guatemala, Myanmar, India, and Thailand2. These destinations mix low costs, great internet, and local culture. So, you can work and explore without hassle.

Key Takeaways

  • High-speed internet accessibility in 79% of top digital nomad countries1.
  • 52% of these countries feature a tropical climate suitable for year-round living1.
  • Countries like Georgia, Guatemala, Myanmar, India, and Thailand are notable for their digital nomad-friendly amenities2.
  • A diverse range of experiences awaits in Asia, Europe, and the Americas for digital nomads2.
  • Affordability and cultural immersion are key factors in choosing the best nomad destinations.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai is a treasure for digital nomads. It’s a perfect blend of low cost and high quality. Here, old-world charm meets modern needs, making it great for remote workers.


Chiang Mai is one of the cheapest places for digital nomads. It costs 63% less to live here than in New York. Also, renting is about 90% cheaper3. Monthly expenses, not including rent, are around $5003.

Eating out is cheap too. You can have a meal for $2 or a fancy three-course dinner for $153. Basic utilities cost about $55 a month. And unlimited Wi-Fi? Only $20 a month3.


The nomad community in Chiang Mai is strong and welcoming. It’s called the digital nomad capital for a good reason. There’s a lot of coliving spaces where nomads can live and work together3.

Punspace is a popular spot. It has fast internet, workspaces, and it hosts events for nomads4. The city’s great Wi-Fi makes working online easy and productive5.


Chiang Mai’s culture is rich and inviting. It hosts amazing festivals like Yi Peng Lantern Festival and Flower Festival4. Foodies will love the local dishes, especially Khao Soi and Sai Oua. The street food scene is vibrant, offering delicious treats4.

At Talat Warorot market, you’ll find fresh produce for cooking4. Chiang Mai beautifully mixes old and new, making it an ideal nomad spot.

Medellín, Colombia

Medellín is known as the “City of Eternal Spring.” It offers a warm climate that’s perfect for digital nomads. This city is in the Andes Mountains of Colombia. It has great weather and a modern setup for remote work.


Medellín’s weather is a big draw for digital nomads. It’s mild all year. This pleasant climate boosts both your wellbeing and work focus. Summer or winter, you won’t be bothered. That’s why it’s the “City of Eternal Spring”6.


In Colombia, Medellín leads with excellent services and facilities. It offers fast, reliable internet. Speeds average at 137 MBPS for downloads and 93 MBPS for uploads. Its latency is 27 MS7. This strong internet keeps remote workers productive.

Medellín is known for its lively community too. It gets a 5/5 for making friends7. The city’s full of different cultures and coworking spaces. Prices range from $100 to $200 a month downtown7. It’s easy to blend work and social life here.

Living in Medellín is affordable. Costs range from $1,200 to $1,800 a month7. This includes your home, bills, and food6. Neighborhoods like El Poblado, Laureles, and Envigado offer a variety of living spaces.

There are perks to living here too. Eating out costs between $5 to $10. Gym memberships are $20 to $40 per month7. Medellín makes it easy to enjoy work and life. It should be on your list of places to live and work.

Tbilisi, Georgia

Welcome to Tbilisi, the perfect place for digital nomads. It’s full of lively cafes and beautiful sights. Plus, the living costs are low, making it great for setting up a remote office.

Vibrant Cafés

Tbilisi’s cafes are thriving. They offer more than just great coffee; they provide a cozy workspace for digital nomads8. A latte will only cost you $2 to $4, so you can enjoy your coffee without spending much. The atmosphere is buzzing, and you’ll meet lots of new people.

Scenic Surroundings

Tbilisi is stunning and filled with history. You’ll never tire of the beautiful views while you work. Take a walk in Sololaki or visit the wine country nearby. Adventure awaits9. Plus, it’s close to Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Turkey, offering more places to discover9.

Cost of Living

Living in Tbilisi is surprisingly affordable. Monthly expenses for one person are between $500 to $8008. Renting a one-bedroom in the city center can cost $300 to $700 a month8. Eating out won’t empty your wallet either, with dinners ranging from $5 to $208.

Georgia’s welcoming visa policy is a big plus. It allows over 95 nationalities to stay up to a year9. The low tax rate for Individual Entrepreneurs, only 1%, makes Tbilisi a smart choice for remote workers9.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali is a top spot for digital nomads, drawing a vibrant mix of remote workers, including entrepreneurs, yogis, and artists10. This Indonesian gem offers many perks that help you enjoy working and living to the fullest.

Work-life Balance

The work-life balance in Bali is second to none for digital nomads10. With activities like yoga, surfing, and crossfit, you can stay fit and focused10. Fast internet in cafes and homes makes work easy10.

Community Support

Bali’s supportive nomad community is another big plus. Spaces like Tropical Nomad and Outpost Canggu provide fast internet and a warm community feel11. Networking events help you meet others and maybe start new projects together10.

Places like Sanur are great for families, and Ubud offers peace at low costs, welcoming all types of digital nomads12.

Bali is perfect for digital nomads wanting work and play. With its busy coworking spots, gorgeous beaches, and wellness retreats, you get to work well and live happily.

Lisbon, Portugal

Welcome to Lisbon, the vibrant capital of Portugal. It’s a city that calls to both fans of ancient sites and lovers of modern life. As a digital nomad, you’ll love the mix of history, culture, and current comforts here.


Lisbon wins hearts with its lovely weather. Picture yourself sipping coffee in the Portuguese sun. This city is one of Europe’s sunniest, boasting over 2799 sunshine hours yearly13.

It’s a favorite for combining work with relaxation. With about 300 sunny days each year, it’s hard to resist14.


Getting around Lisbon is a breeze. From the airport to downtown, a metro trip costs just €1.5013. Famous surf spots like Carcavelos and Costa da Caparica are only 30 minutes away13.

This makes your daily life exciting. Lisbon also welcomes expats warmly, making it a top choice for nomads.

Cost of Living

Lisbon is more affordable than many European capitals. Expect to pay about $1,254.55 for a downtown one-bedroom flat. Utilities are roughly $130.92 monthly14.

Dining out? An inexpensive meal costs around $12.6914. Good internet costs about $35.86 per month, with speeds near 20.8 Mbps14. This makes Lisbon great for nomads just starting.

Lisbon is perfect with its good prices, connectivity, and charm. It fits the digital nomad life flawlessly, whether you love the weather or the cost of living here.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires welcomes digital nomads with its unique blend of culture and a European vibe. It’s top-rated for nomads and is full of outdoor fun like hiking and biking15. The city boasts 48 neighborhoods, with Palermo, San Telmo, and Recoleta being favorites among nomads16.

Dining in Buenos Aires is affordable, with a day’s meals costing about $16 USD17. Airbnb stays range from $500 to $1,500, offering options from basic to luxury. A city-center apartment averages at about $309.30 per month. Utilities average around $51.83 monthly16. These costs make the nomad lifestyle in Argentina appealing.

For remote workers, there’s WeWork, AreaTres, and Urban Station for co-working. LAB Tostadores de Café and others provide great spots for work15. The city also has gyms that are budget-friendly, around $25 a month17.

Buenos Aires offers good healthcare, with visits costing $40 to $80 at private clinics15. There are various fitness options, including gyms and yoga. Its climate, warm summers and mild winters, makes living here great for digital nomads15.

Spring (September to November) and fall (March to June) are the best times to visit. The weather is nice, and there are many festivals1715. With easy visa options, including a six-month digital nomad visa, settling in is easy16.

Buenos Aires digital nomad

In summary, Buenos Aires is ideal for nomads seeking affordability, culture, and a welcoming vibe.

Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City stands out as a thrilling place for cultural nomads. It’s full of rich history, vibrant customs, and yummy food. It’s a top spot for digital nomads, mixing old traditions with new comforts.

Cultural Richness

Discover a world where around 150 museums await your visit18. The Centro Historico area competes globally with its UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Here, you truly feel the city’s cultural heartbeat, with history, architecture, and lively local scenes all around.

Food Scene

The food in Mexico City is amazing, from street tacos in La Condesa to fancy meals in Polanco. Every neighborhood has its own taste and dishes, showing off the city’s diverse culture. Food lovers will enjoy the markets, loaded with fresh stuff and old recipes.


Nomads love Mexico City for its good prices. There are many co-working spots and cheap places to live in areas like Roma and Polanco18. You can find a one-bedroom apartment for about $900-1,500 USD18. Getting around is easy with public transport, and a six-month visa makes staying simpler18. Plus, it’s mostly safe, though some areas are best avoided18.

If you love lively markets, historic spots, or cultural adventures, Mexico City is great for digital nomads. For more on why it’s the ideal place, see this detailed guide.

Da Nang, Vietnam

Da Nang in Vietnam is quickly becoming a favorite spot for digital nomads. It’s known for its beautiful beaches and fast growth. Living here costs about $1,121 a month for nomads19. This price is great for those wanting a good life without spending too much. Expats spend about $860, while locals spend around $519 a month19.

The city perfectly mixes Vietnamese traditions and a modern vibe. This makes it a top place for digital nomads in Vietnam. A coworking space costs roughly $145 a month19. For Airbnb stays, the average is about $1,306 a month or $43 a night19.

Loving to eat out? Good news, dinner averages around $3. Beverages like Coca-Cola, beer, or coffee cost about $119. If you have a family, expect to spend a bit more, about $1,818 a month19.

Da Nang’s location is perfect for exploring Southeast Asia. Its fast growth has also boosted the tech industry. This adds to why it’s a leading digital nomad spot in Vietnam.

Here’s a quick cost overview in Da Nang:19

Category Cost (per month)
Nomad $1,121
Expat $860
Family $1,818
Local $519
Other Costs
Hotel Stay (per night) $17
Airbnb Stay (per month) $1,306
1br Studio Rent in Central Da Nang $431
Coworking Hot Desk $145
Taxi Trip (3km) $3
Mobile Data (10GB) $6
International School (annual) $11,509

Da Nang hits the mark with affordability, great connections, and beautiful views. It’s an excellent spot for nomads wanting to work and travel in Southeast Asia.

For more info, check out the Nomad List guide.

Tenerife, Spain

Tenerife is a favorite spot for digital nomads, thanks to its beautiful scenery and great internet. With nearly 1 million locals and 5 million visitors a year, you’ll find plenty of company while living a nomadic lifestyle20.

Tenerife nomadic life


The weather in Tenerife feels like eternal spring. It’s perfect for enjoying the outdoors all year long. You can get your tan on black sand beaches or explore the island’s volcanoes. There’s always something exciting to do.


For digital nomads, Tenerife offers top-notch internet. Coworking spots like Sheraton La Caleta and Coworking Nomad are great for work. Prices are from €80 to €140 a month20. Eating out costs about $10.99, and month-long utilities are around $76.25. This makes Tenerife a budget-friendly place for remote work20.

Besides work, Tenerife is packed with adventure and relaxation spots. From volcanic landscapes to water sports, life here perfectly mixes business with pleasure. For more on Tenerife, check this detailed city guide.

Living Cost (USD) Transport Cost (USD) Coworking Space Cost (EUR)
$10.99 for a meal $1.65 for a one-way ticket €80-€140 per month
$76.25 for utilities

Looking for a place that combines beauty with necessity? Tenerife is the spot. Join the Tenerife connectivity and live the Tenerife nomadic life in the vibrant Spanish islands.

Prague, Czech Republic

Dive into the heart of Europe where old-world charm and modern life blend perfectly. Prague, known as the “City of a Hundred Spires,” is a paradise for digital nomads. It combines history with high-tech facilities. It’s second only to Budapest on the “Best Digital Nomad Destinations” list from Nomad List. No wonder it’s a top pick for remote workers21.

Historic Charm

Walking in Prague is like traveling back in time. Its medieval heart is full of Gothic spires, Baroque churches, and Renaissance beauty. For nomads, Prague’s Old Town and Castle District offer an inspiring, stunning scene.

Modern Amenities

Prague has all a digital nomad needs, beyond its historical beauty. UPC provides fast fiber optic internet, offering speeds up to 200 Mbps. This ensures smooth work without any internet issues21. The city also has more than 12 coworking spaces. Daily passes are 190 CZK to 500 CZK, and monthly passes start at 3000 CZK21.

Looking for options? Smart Coworking, SVĚT-HUB, and K10 Coworking have plans for every work style. They have daily and monthly passes ranging from 249 CZK to 4000 CZK21. Whether you like working quietly or in lively places, Prague’s coworking spaces have you covered.

Prague’s places to stay are diverse and budget-friendly. Hostel Seven has double rooms for €16 to €22 a night. Dorms are €10 to €20. Czech Inn Hostel offers private rooms at €53 and premium dorm beds at €1621. Miss Sophie’s Hotel has options for all, with rooms starting at €53, apartments from €99, and dorm beds at €721.

Prague is a blend of history and modern perks, making it perfect for digital nomads. Ready to see this amazing city? Click here for more info and begin your adventure in one of the best cities for nomads.

Remote Work Travel Tips

Starting as a digital nomad is exciting but can also be a bit scary. To make it easier, here are some key tips for remote work:

Many people dream of working while traveling. About 66% of remote workers enjoy changing their scenery without losing income. Nearly 46% work remotely to see new places22. But, staying focused is hard. About 39% find it tough to keep self-discipline in new locations22.

Understanding legal, tax, and tech issues is critical. 58% of remote workers find these challenges big when abroad. And only 33% can work outside their home country, as per their employers22.

For better work-life balance, 25% stay in one place longer22. Also, 42% of nomads use VPNs to hide their location online22.

Finding places that are easy on the wallet is important. Around 35% choose affordable spots to manage their budget22. Plus, 28% look for off-season deals to cut costs22.

Try starting with short remote work trips. It’s less scary and is what 18% of digital nomads do22. For more insights and tips on remote work, here’s a detailed guide.

Utilizing Co-working Spaces

Finding the right co-working space can take your remote work to a new level. They offer fast internet and the chance to meet others, making work fun and efficient.

Seamless Connectivity

By 2027, half of the U.S. workforce will freelance23. Co-working places give you the high-speed internet and office tools you need. They’re getting more popular, with members possibly reaching 5.1 million by 202223.

Networking Opportunities

Co-working spaces let you network while you explore. They mix professionals from different areas, sparking innovation and cooperation. For example, Unsettled has welcomed 1300 people from 80 countries, showing how diverse these communities are23. The growth in co-living spaces also shows more people enjoy working and living together23.

Places like Roam in cities worldwide provide co-living and co-working for $500 a week23. These spots mix work and fun perfectly, enhancing your digital nomad life.


Living as a digital nomad opens up so many doors. You can find yourself in Bali’s lush settings or Lisbon’s historic streets24. Each place comes with its mix of good prices, strong internet, and culture24. You might love the active scene in Chiang Mai or the work spots in Berlin and Mexico City24. There’s a perfect place for every nomad out there.

Picking the right spot is key as remote work grows. Tallinn and Seoul are great for their fast internet, crucial for work24. Lisbon and Medellín are not just affordable. They also have excellent healthcare and safety, perfect for staying longer24. The best nomad spots offer a great mix of work and fun.

Sustainability and slow travel are shaping the nomad future24. Eco-friendly places like Costa Rica attract those minimizing their footprints24. Staying longer in places like Tbilisi lets you dive deep into the culture and avoid burnout, improving your adventure24.

Finding your nomadic spot means matching work needs with your love for culture and adventure. Exploring global work places and trying nomadism means every place offers something unique. This helps mix work with your love for exploring. Are you ready to begin? The whole world is your workplace.


Why is Chiang Mai a top destination for digital nomads?

Chiang Mai is loved for being affordable, having a strong nomad community, and rich culture. It’s a budget-friendly place with lots to do. This makes it great for digital nomads who want a good deal.

What makes Medellín an attractive spot for remote workers?

Medellín is known for its great weather and strong infrastructure. It’s called the city of eternal spring. With lots of public spaces and an innovative spirit, it attracts digital nomads from all over.

How does Tbilisi cater to digital nomads?

Tbilisi is a hidden treasure with cozy cafés, beautiful scenery, and low living costs. There are more and more co-working spaces popping up. These offer a chance to meet others while enjoying the city’s charm.

What unique benefits does Bali offer to digital nomads?

Bali is perfect for balancing work and leisure, with its tropical beauty and strong community. It has beachfront co-working spaces and places for relaxation. It’s the best spot for being productive and relaxed.

Why should digital nomads consider Lisbon?

Lisbon boasts a mild climate, a good cost of living, and is easy to get around. Its mix of old and new makes it very welcoming to nomads.

What attracts digital nomads to Buenos Aires?

Buenos Aires is lively with its nightlife, history, and arts. It’s exciting and friendly, making it ideal for those who love city life.

How does Mexico City appeal to the nomad lifestyle?

Mexico City offers cultural depth, a vibrant food scene, and affordability. Its wide variety of experiences satisfy all types of nomads.

What can digital nomads expect in Da Nang?

Da Nang combines beauty and modernity, holding onto traditional Vietnamese values. Its affordable living costs and growing tech scene are attracting more nomads.

Why is Tenerve becoming a hub for digital nomads?

Tenerife has great weather all year and good internet. Its stunning landscapes and modern conveniences make it an amazing place for both work and adventure.

What makes Prague an ideal digital nomad destination?

Prague’s mix of history and modernity creates a captivating environment for nomads. Its beauty and affordability are very appealing.

What are essential tips for remote work travel?

Key tips include getting the right travel insurance, ensuring a reliable internet connection, and using personal experiences to make the nomadic life easier.

How can co-working spaces benefit digital nomads?

Co-working spaces offer great internet and chances to meet people. They’re ideal for making connections with others who share your interests.

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