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Welcome to GoAskUncle.com, a place where wisdom meets warmth, and advice feels like a conversation with a trusted family member. Our story begins with a simple family saying, “If you’ve got a question, go ask uncle,” a phrase that has become the heartbeat of this blog.

I’m the voice behind GoAskUncle – a proud, married gay man who, at the age of 50, found himself as the oldest member of our family after a series of poignant losses. This twist of fate transformed me into a pseudo-parent and grandparent, not just to my beloved nieces and nephews but to their growing families as well. With 11 great-nieces and nephews, my life is a delightful whirlwind of questions, decisions, and heartwarming moments.

Here at GoAskUncle, I share the wisdom gleaned from these experiences. This blog is more than just an advice column; it’s a testament to the power of family, the beauty of shared wisdom, and the bonds that tie us together. Whether it’s life advice, decision-making, or just a need for a sympathetic ear, I’m here to offer guidance with love and a touch of humor.

So, for those moments when you’re seeking a bit of guidance or a friendly word, remember – GoAskUncle. We are here to help navigate the beautiful complexity of life, one question at a time.

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