Solo Female Travel: Top 5 Safest Cities with Unforgettable Experiences

Solo Female Travel

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Imagine this: You’re on top of an Icelandic mountain, watching the Northern Lights. Or you’re in Tokyo, enjoying sushi in a lively market. These are not just dreams for female solo travelers. They’re real adventures in safe, incredible cities.

Waiting for a travel buddy is outdated for women today. More and more, women are exploring the world alone. From Iceland to New Zealand, safe places for female adventurers are everywhere1.

Wondering where to begin? There’s no need to worry. We’ve found the safest, ‘wow’ cities for you. These top 5 not only ensure your safety. They also guarantee unforgettable experiences that will wow your friends on Instagram.

Maybe you dream of wandering Europe’s quaint streets or experiencing Asia’s vibrant cultures. These cities are perfect for more than safety. They are paths to personal growth, cultural exploration, and memories you will cherish forever2.

So, ladies, let’s embrace that travel bug within. Grab your passport, your sense of adventure, and head to the friendliest cities for solo female travelers. You’re about to have an amazing time!

Key Takeaways

  • Solo female travel is gaining popularity, with more women hitting the road alone.
  • The top 5 safest cities blend security with unforgettable adventures.
  • These places are filled with chances for personal growth and getting to know new cultures.
  • You can be safe and still enjoy the thrills of travel.
  • Every city, from Iceland to New Zealand, has its special allure.
  • Traveling solo can be a life-changer and a great adventure for women.

The Rise of Solo Female Travel

Solo travel is more popular than ever, and women are at the forefront. This trend is changing the way people see travel. Between 2015 and 2017, bookings for solo trips grew by 42%. Women were a big part of this increase3.

Picture exploring new places all on your own. That’s the excitement behind this movement. 87% of women travel solo to feel free and flexible. Some do it to break from their daily routine, take care of themselves, or push their limits4.

Solo female travel is becoming a bigger interest, especially as seen in online searches. The interest has been growing quickly, with a sixfold increase right before the pandemic4. Older women, those over 55, are especially enthusiastic about solo adventures3.

“Solo travel allows me to discover not just new places, but new aspects of myself.”

If you’re traveling alone, you’re not just an explorer, you’re part of something big. 70% of people visiting hotel websites are women, leading to more travel bookings4. You’re making a difference in the travel world. A significant 61% choose their trips based on cost. But being eco-friendly and supporting local businesses are also important4.

The future looks bright for solo women travelers. predicts a big increase, with 54% of women planning to travel solo in 20245. This means more adventures, personal growth, and the joy of discovery await you.

Motivation Percentage of Solo Female Travelers
Freedom and Independence 46%
Not Waiting for Others 22%
Self-Challenge and Confidence Building 15%

As you start on your own solo journey, remember you’re not alone. Thanks to online groups, there’s a vast community backing you up. So, ready yourself, enjoy your freedom, and start creating your unforgettable travel moments.

Why Choose Safe Cities for Your Solo Adventure

Going on a solo adventure can lead to big personal growth and self-discovery. Safe cities are great for exploring urban areas without always being worried.

Peace of Mind and Freedom to Explore

Safe cities give you the confidence to move around as you like and enjoy the present. Iceland, known as the safest place in the world, is great for solo female travelers67. Its safety means you can focus on making memories, not safety concerns.

Opportunities for Personal Growth

Being in places where you’re safe can help you grow. Many solo women say they feel more confident and personally grow a lot after their trips8. You’ll learn a lot about yourself and try new things.

Easier Navigation and Communication

Safe cities usually have good transportation and lots of people speak English. Japan, for example, mixes old traditions with a modern vibe and is very safe for solo women67.

Benefit Percentage Impact
Increased Self-Confidence 85% Significant boost in personal assurance
Personal Growth 92% Positive influence on overall development
Local Activity Engagement 60% Enhanced cultural immersion
Flexibility and Adaptability 80% Essential skills for solo travel

Picking safe cities means you’re choosing a stress-free adventure. This way, whether you’re in Tokyo’s lively places or New Zealand’s trails, you can focus on exploring and learning about yourself.

Criteria for Selecting the Safest Cities

Safety is key when traveling alone, especially for women. You should be able to explore without fear. We’ve made a list of top cities for safe solo travel.

Our picks focus on low crime rates and strong safety measures. You’ll feel free to enjoy every corner without worry. Plus, these cities have great public transport and bright streets.

Friendly locals are essential. Cities where people are welcoming are at the top. A warm smile or someone offering help can make your trip truly special.

We also looked at solid data. Munich, Germany, leads with a safety score of 7.36 for women traveling alone. Madrid and London are close runners-up9. These cities are not just safe but full of life and things to see.

Looking to save money? Jaipur, India, is the best value at only $19 a day9. For those who can spend more, Orlando and New York are great choices for a lavish experience.

Being connected is crucial for safety, so consider UBIGI for internet abroad10. And always have emergency numbers ready, like 112 or 999 in Europe, 911 in North America, and 119 in China10.

By keeping these factors in mind, we found great cities for your solo journey. So, get your bags ready. You’re about to make unforgettable memories!

Reykjavik, Iceland: Land of Fire and Ice

Reykjavik is where nature’s beauty meets vibrant city life. Despite being a small capital, it has big adventures in store. Its welcoming feel and low crime rate make it great for women adventuring alone1112.

Natural Wonders and Outdoor Activities

Iceland is a paradise for those who love the outdoors. It has many volcanoes, some of which erupt every few years12. On the South Shore Adventure Tour, you can see majestic waterfalls, black beaches, and a glacier12.

Vibrant Culture and Nightlife

In Reykjavik, you can walk to most attractions, like the unique Hallgrimskirkja church12. Once night falls, the city lights up with its nightlife. And make sure to relax in the Blue Lagoon’s healing waters13.

Safety Tips for Exploring Iceland

Iceland is generally safe, but its weather can turn quickly. Always be ready for sudden changes13. When you drive, particularly on the Ring Road, be careful as it’s narrow13. Renting a car is a good idea for getting around, yet some roads may not be great in all spots11.

Activity Location Tip
Northern Lights viewing Móeiðarhvoll Stay in isolated areas for best views
Ice climbing Sólheimajökull glacier Book with experienced guides
Geothermal spa Blue Lagoon Try different face masks for full experience


Tokyo, Japan: A Blend of Tradition and Modernity

Ready for an amazing time in Tokyo? You’re going to love it! Japan’s capital mixes old traditions with new tech. This makes it great for women traveling alone14.

Imagine walking in places like Shibuya and Shinjuku. There, you’ll see bright lights and big buildings next to peaceful temples and lush gardens. Each area in Tokyo has its own vibe. Visit Harajuku for the latest styles or Akihabara for cool tech stuff15.

If you love food, Tokyo is perfect for you. Try amazing sushi in Ginza or fresh food from the farm in Meguro. For something different, eat curry and gelato at a secret place in Shimokitazawa16.

Learn about Japan’s culture by visiting famous places like the Senso-ji Temple or Meiji Shrine. Nature lovers will enjoy Ueno Park and Hamarikyu Gardens. These are peaceful spots in the city15.

“Tokyo is a city where tradition and innovation dance in perfect harmony, offering solo female travelers a safe and captivating journey through time and culture.”

Tokyo is very safe, with good ways to get around and not much crime. You can stay in modern luxury or traditional places, like Aman Tokyo or Tokyo Edition, Toranomon16.

Activity Location Experience
Panoramic Views Tokyo Skytree 360-degree city views (last entry 8pm)
Cultural Immersion Fushimi Inari Shrine (Kyoto) Walk through iconic torii gates
Unique Dining Sushi Ojima (Ginza) Authentic omakase experience
Nature Escape Arashiyama Bamboo Grove (Kyoto) Serene walk through bamboo forest

If you want culture, food, or fun, Tokyo is a great place for solo women travelers. You’ll make unforgettable memories in this city of Japanese culture and modern wonders.

Auckland, New Zealand: Adventure in Middle-earth

Get set for an exciting journey through Auckland, the door to New Zealand’s magic. This lively city is ideal for starting your adventure alone. It blends city thrills with natural charm17.

Stunning Landscapes and Outdoor Pursuits

Auckland is known as the ‘City of Sails’ because of its love for the sea. You can go up Mount Eden for awesome views or see the amazing sights under the sea at Goat Island18. Adventurers will enjoy Rangitoto Island, reachable by a quick ferry. Then, hike its 3-hour trail to the top19.

Maori Culture and Friendly Locals

Learn about Maori life just a short trip from Auckland in Rotorua. At Te Pa Tu village, watch real Maori performances17. The friendly Kiwis add to the welcoming vibe, no matter where you stay18.

Day Trips and Excursions

There are plenty of things to do outside Auckland. Waiheke Island, with its lush vineyards, is a short ferry ride away18. If you like unique experiences, check out the glowworm caves in Waitomo. Or make your own spa at Hot Water Beach in the Coromandel18. And for fans of The Hobbit, a visit to the Hobbiton Movie Set is a must1718.

“Auckland is the perfect blend of urban adventure and natural wonders, making it an ideal base for solo female travelers exploring New Zealand.”

Auckland is top-rated for safety by solo female travelers, with 5 out of 5 stars18. So, get your bags ready. You’re about to make memories in this unique Middle-earth!

Dublin, Ireland: Charming Emerald Isle

Welcome to Dublin, a top spot for anyone wanting to explore Ireland. It’s great for both travel and women traveling alone. This city is full of history, culture, and fun. Everywhere you go, you’ll see the mix of old and new. The locals will welcome you like a friend, making you feel at home.

Your first stop should be Trinity College. It’s famous for the Old Library, where the breathtaking Book of Kells lives. This ancient book is over 1,200 years old and is beautifully decorated20.

Dublin is famous for its pubs and is a must-visit for solo travelers. Pubs here are very friendly. You can easily start chatting with the people you meet. Buying drinks for everyone is common, so get ready to take part in this tradition21!

Getting Around and Accommodation

Moving around Dublin is simple thanks to its buses and trains. This means you can see a lot without spending a lot. Staying in a B&B is a good idea. It’s a favorite for solo travelers and gives you a taste of Ireland’s warm welcome21.

Day trips to nearby places are a great idea. Lots of tours offer student discounts, which helps keep costs down. For something different, check out Rathbaun Farm near Galway. There, you can feed lambs and see how sheep are sheared on a big, working farm20.

“Dublin is a city where history whispers from every corner, and adventure awaits at every turn.”

Before you come, be sure to fill out a patient locator form. You need it for entry to Dublin. Check if any places need proof of vaccination before you go22.

With its history, culture, and many sights to see, Dublin is perfect for a memorable solo trip. So, pack your things, get excited, and prepare to fall in love with Ireland!

Zurich, Switzerland: Alpine Beauty and Urban Sophistication

In the heart of Switzerland, Zurich invites solo female travelers with its mix of city life and natural beauty. It’s the second-largest city in the country, offering a safe, efficient, and memorable experience23.

Scenic Train Rides and Mountain Excursions

Zurich is perfectly located for exploring the Swiss Alps. A short drive from the city leads to stunning mountains23. The Swiss rail network easily connects you to these natural wonders and towns for day trips24.

World-Class Museums and Galleries

For those who love art, Zurich has lots to offer. The Swiss National Museum tells Switzerland’s story through the ages. You can see everything from ancient sculptures to modern robots24.

For an amazing view of Zurich, go to the university hill and Polyterrasse. From there, you’ll see the city’s beauty spread out before you23.

Culinary Delights: Swiss Cheese and Chocolate

No Zurich city break would be complete without tasting Swiss food. You’ll find everything from quick eats to fine dining23. Try Zeughauskeller for an authentic meal. It’s in a historic arsenal from the 15th century, offering true Swiss flavors24.

“Zurich is a culinary paradise where Swiss traditions meet international flavors, offering a gastronomic journey for every taste bud.”

Zurich Attraction Description Must-Try Experience
Old Town Charming area with gingerbread houses and independent shops Stroll through cobblestone streets
Swiss National Museum Showcases cultural heritage for over 100 years Book a private guided tour
Polyterrasse Offers panoramic views of the city Sunset photography session
Zeughauskeller Restaurant 15th-century arsenal turned traditional Swiss eatery Taste authentic Swiss dishes

Zurich offers a perfect mix of city fun and natural beauty. It’s great for solo travelers who love stunning views, art, and good food.

Solo Female Travel: Essential Tips and Tricks

Are you ready for your solo adventure? Let’s explore some key travel tips and advice. Doing your research is vital. A big 91% of solo female travelers study their destinations before they pack25. This prep work will make your trip smoother.

Pack light and wisely. You’ll be glad you did when you’re moving around. Around 67% of female solo travelers believe in the power of light packing25. Choose outfits that match many occasions. Both your back and your wallet will be happier.

Solo female travel tips

Keep safety top of mind. Keep copies of your passport safe and let others know where you’ll be26. Speaking of safety, 83% of solo women also say health and fitness are important before a trip25. So exercise for added confidence.

“The world is your oyster, but remember to keep that oyster safe!”

Building connections is also key. Traveling solo doesn’t mean you’ll be alone. 75% of solo female travelers are interested in meeting other women25. Try group activities, apps, or chatting in hostels. Just trust your instincts and keep safe.

Travel Tip Percentage of Solo Female Travelers
Thorough destination research 91%
Packing light 67%
Prioritizing health and fitness 83%
Connecting with other women travelers 75%

Finally, enjoy the journey! Solo travel leads to personal growth and self-discovery. Confidence building is a top reason why women go on solo trips27. So, go for it. Take a class, go to a retreat, or just explore. Your adventure is waiting!

Accommodations: Where to Stay as a Solo Female Traveler

Choosing where to stay is key for solo female travelers. The place you sleep can shape your trip. So, it’s vital to select safe options that suit how you like to travel28.

Hotels that welcome female guests are becoming more popular. Many now have rooms just for one person. Places like the Pod Hotels in New York and Z Hotels in the UK have comfortable single rooms for those traveling alone29. If you want to meet other travelers, hostels are a good choice. They often have areas or rooms just for females, boosting your comfort30.

Looking for something local? Try Airbnb. You can rent a room or a whole place, which can make you feel at home28. House sitting or home exchanges offer cheap or free places to stay. You’ll help look after a house or pets in return29.

Safety First: Tips for Booking Your Stay

  • Read reviews carefully
  • Choose places that are close to everything
  • Make sure there are safety features
  • Talk to the people who run the place
  • Listen to what you feel is right

Your decision on where to stay should match your trip’s aim. Whether you want to be alone or make friends, there’s a spot just right for you3028.

Accommodation Type Pros Cons
Female-friendly hotels Privacy, amenities, safety Higher cost, less social interaction
Hostels Affordable, social, female-only options Less privacy, potential noise
Airbnb Local experience, flexibility Varying quality, potential safety concerns
House sitting Free accommodation, local immersion Responsibilities, limited availability

Thinking about your safety and choices will lead you to the best place to enjoy your solo trip. Have a great time exploring!

Making Connections: Meeting Fellow Travelers and Locals

Traveling solo doesn’t mean you have to be alone. There are many ways to meet new people while exploring. Let’s look at some good ways to meet friends and locals during your trip.

Joining Group Tours and Activities

Group tours are perfect for meeting others. Over half the people with Intrepid Travel go solo, which shows it’s a popular choice31. You get to share adventures and meet friends quickly. Also, group activities can introduce you to friends worldwide32.

Utilizing Social Media and Travel Apps

Social media is great for making connections. Apps like Facebook,, and Bumble BFF help you meet travelers and locals32. Sharing your travel pics can also lead to making friends in your area32!

Engaging in Local Events and Workshops

Getting involved in local events is key to meeting people. Volunteering is a fantastic way to make friends and help out32. Don’t be afraid to stand out – your unique style can start conversations33!

“The best way to create connections while traveling is to listen and be interested in others rather than focusing on yourself.”

Being open to new things makes solo travel very social. It’s all about talking to others and sharing your stories3133. You might just start a new adventure with a simple “Hello!”

Connection Method Benefits Tips
Group Tours Meet like-minded travelers Be open and friendly
Social Media Apps Connect before and during travel Share photos and experiences
Local Events Immerse in culture, meet locals Participate actively, ask questions
Volunteering Give back, form meaningful bonds Choose causes you’re passionate about

Capturing Memories: Photography Tips for Solo Travelers

Solo travel photography tips

Are you off on your own for a trip? Don’t worry about snapping solo photos. Many solo travelers find it tough to take pictures of themselves. But, we’ve got some great34 tips for you.

Get yourself a good camera. The Sony DSC-HX350 Digital Compact Bridge Camera takes awesome photos. You can add a Manfrotto tripod or a GorillaPod. They help get those tricky shots34.

Love using your phone for photos? You’re not alone. A smartphone tripod can really boost your selfie game and it’s not expensive. For the best shot, see the camera suggestions below:

  • Beginners: Fujifilm X-T30
  • Aspiring pros: Fujifilm X-T4
  • Adventure seekers: GoPro HERO Black

Don’t miss out on a fast memory card like the Lexar Professional 2000x 64GB. It lets you snap every quick moment35.

Learn how to use your camera’s interval shooting. Burst mode takes several shots fast. With GoPros, try the time-lapse feature for different looks35.

“The best camera is the one you have with you.” – Chase Jarvis

If you need help with a photo, ask someone who looks camera-savvy or young. Make small talk – it can lead to great pictures! Or, for something special, hire a photographer in cities like London or Paris3436.

Picking the right time is key in photography. Early mornings and late evenings offer the best light and fewer people around. And always be safe and respectful of local rules when photographing35.

Photography Tip Benefits
Use a tripod Stability, self-portraits
Ask for help Unique angles, local interaction
Master interval shooting Multiple options, perfect moments
Book photo shoots Professional results, local guidance

With these tips, you’re set to come back with beautiful travel photos. Go out there and capture your adventure with style!

Overcoming Challenges: Dealing with Loneliness and Homesickness

Solo travel is thrilling, but it brings emotional challenges. About 70% feel alone, and 58% feel lonely on a solo trip3738. Yet, you’re not the only one facing these hurdles.

To lift your mood, consider these tips:

  • Opt for hostels: 65% of folks in their late 20s and 30s choose these to connect with others38.
  • Try group tours: 75% found they could relate more on these tours38.
  • Join local events: 85% beat loneliness by taking part in activities38.
  • Get a vacation photo shoot: This activity boosts positive social time by 70%38.

When facing loneliness on a solo trip, mindset and action are key. Look at it as a chance to learn about yourself. Goal-setting makes you 40% less likely to miss home or feel lonely37.

Opt to eat at the bar when alone. This choice led to nice chats with locals for 60% of solo travelers38. Bringing a good book helps – 80% found it a great comfort38.

“Solo travel is not about being alone; it’s about being yourself with the world as your witness.”

Homesick? You’re not alone. 60-70% of those abroad feel this39. Beat it by setting a routine and adding fun activities. This can cut down on homesickness by 35-45%39.

Activity Benefit
Regular exercise 40% decrease in homesickness-related negative feelings
Journaling/Blogging 75% of travelers find solace in writing
Meditation 30% decrease in loneliness levels

Remember, your solo journey is about growth. By focusing on the positive, you can boost your spirits by 65% and resist loneliness by 40%37. So, ready your bags and passport to face these challenges head-on!


Ladies, you’ve made it through our look at solo female travel. The world is yours to explore, and you’re the shining pearl. Safety comes first for 85% of women traveling alone40. So, pack your slash-proof bag and hidden-pocket undies. You’re in the majority with 80% doing the same40.

The benefits of solo female travel are amazing. You’re not just seeing the sights. You’re also gaining self-confidence, resilience, and adaptability41. Imagine yourself in Tokyo’s subway or hiking in New Zealand. This is true empowerment!

About 60% of woman learn local phrases when they travel alone40. Learning a few words helps you in Paris for a croissant or in Dublin for directions. You’re not just traveling. You’re also growing and connecting with the world. The top 5 safest cities we’ve talked about are only the start. Your big solo adventure is coming, and it will be memorable. So be bold and travel, you amazing solo traveler!


What makes these cities safe for solo female travelers?

These cities are low-crime, with good facilities and helpful people. Solo female travelers have had great times there. They allow for personal growth through new cultures and experiences.

How can I stay safe as a solo female traveler?

First, research your destinations well. Always be mindful of your surroundings and trust your gut. Keeping in touch with friends or family is smart. Simple tips like packing light, using safe transport, and picking your place to stay carefully are also key.

Where should I stay as a solo female traveler?

You can pick from female-only hostels, boutique hotels, and Airbnb. Be sure to choose places that are safe and cozy by reading up on reviews and checking the location. Prioritize spots with strong security. Staying in social accommodations can also help you make friends.

How can I connect with other travelers and locals?

Get involved in group tours, use online platforms, and attend local happenings and classes. These are great ways to meet people who share your interests, make friends, and learn about different cultures.

Any tips for solo travel photography?

For photos, use a tripod and remote to take self-portraits. Don’t be shy to ask for other people’s help. Smartphone cameras have great features too. When you’re out taking photos, make sure you keep your gear safe and respect people’s privacy if you’re photographing them.

How can I cope with loneliness or homesickness while traveling solo?

Stick to a daily routine and stay in touch with family and friends. Writing in a journal can also keep you connected to home. Remember, being alone can also be a good chance to think about yourself and grow. Taking care of yourself and reaching out for help when you need it can make a big difference.

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