Maximizing Your AAA Membership: Cost vs. Benefits Explained

AAA Membership Benefits

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Have you ever been stranded on the side of the road with a flat tire or a dead battery and wished you had someone to call for help? AAA Membership might be your solution! Offering a range of services from roadside assistance to discounts on various products and services, AAA can make your life easier while also saving you money. But is the membership worth the cost? Let’s find out!

Key Takeaways

  • Unlock the full potential of your journey with an AAA Membership and enjoy all the benefits from roadside assistance to car insurance!

  • Maximize value by taking advantage of discounts, savings, travel planning & insurance services.

  • Explore alternatives such as family memberships or on-demand apps for cost effectiveness.

Understanding AAA Membership

AAA Membership Benefits

The American Automobile Association (AAA) is a national nonprofit organization. It comprises motor clubs from across the United States, also known as auto club. With an annual cost starting at $64.99 per year, AAA Membership offers an array of incredible services, such as roadside assistance, discounts on various products and services, and travel planning and insurance options to help you get the most out of your journey.

As an AAA member, you can also rely on AAA as a car insurance provider, offering comprehensive auto insurance with AAA coverage for your vehicle.

Roadside Assistance Services

AAA’s roadside assistance services are designed to provide peace of mind and get you back on the road quickly, no matter whose car you’re driving. When you’re in a jam, AAA comes to your rescue with emergency roadside assistance, including:

  • Towing

  • Tire changes

  • Fuel delivery

  • Battery services

With the AAA Classic Membership, you can make the most of 4 service calls per year.

If you ever find yourself with a dead battery, AAA will come to you and replace it at no charge if you cover the full cost of the battery. This service won’t count toward your annual allowance.

For a quick and convenient way to get AAA roadside assistance, you have three options:

  1. Call 800-AAA-HELP (222-4357) from anywhere in the U.S. or Canada.

  2. Request assistance directly from AAA’s website.

  3. Request assistance through the AAA mobile app.

Discounts and Savings

AAA Discounts and Savings

AAA members can access a variety of discounts at partner locations, including:

  • Auto repair shops: Enjoy a 10% discount on all parts and labor charges at AAA-approved auto repair shops, with a maximum benefit of $50 for a single repair.

  • Retail stores: Get exclusive discounts at select retail stores.

  • Entertainment venues: Enjoy discounted tickets to various entertainment venues.

AAA members also get exclusive discounts at partner retail stores like UPS and Best Buy, with savings of up to 50% off retail prices. Given these discounts and considering AAA membership costs, a AAA membership can pay for itself over time.

Travel Planning and Insurance

AAA Travel Planning

AAA offers a range of travel services, including:

  • Discounted or free trip planning

  • Travel booking

  • Cruise arrangements

  • Access to various attractions and travel guides for both domestic and international locations

These services aim to simplify your travel experience.

You can enjoy the following benefits with AAA:

  • Discounts on hotels, flights, car rentals, and travel guides

  • Trip interruption coverage

  • International Driving Permits (IDPs) – useful documents that include your photo and driver information in 10 languages, valid for one year

  • Access to international AAA maps for easier navigation during your travels

AAA Membership Tiers: Classic, Plus, and Premier

AAA Membership Tiers

AAA provides three membership tiers to suit diverse needs and budgets:

  1. Classic Membership: Includes basic roadside assistance and discounts.

  2. Plus Membership: Offers extended towing distances and higher service limits.

  3. Premier Membership: Provides the highest level of benefits and services.

The annual cost of these membership tiers ranges from $38 to $164 for the primary member, with additional costs for family members depending on the level of coverage and location.

Classic Membership

The Classic Membership tier is designed to provide basic roadside assistance and discounts at an affordable annual rate, ranging from $38 to $74 per year. With this level of membership, you can enjoy services like towing, fuel delivery, and battery jump-start.

AAA Classic members, as part of the aaa clubs, have access to an extensive range of discounts, including:

  • Savings on movie tickets

  • Discounts on glasses

  • Savings on wine

  • Discounts on gas

  • Gym membership discounts

  • Savings on flowers

Combine these discounts with the peace of mind provided by the Classic Membership’s roadside assistance, and you have a fantastic value for an affordable price.

Plus Membership

For those seeking additional benefits, the Plus Membership tier offers all the Classic level benefits and more, with annual costs ranging from $60 to $124 per year. Plus members enjoy extended towing distances of up to 100 miles, lockout service coverage up to $100 for locksmith services, and winching services.

The Plus Membership offers:

  • Increased service limits

  • Additional benefits

  • Added peace of mind

  • Comprehensive coverage

It is an excellent choice for those who frequently travel long distances or want added peace of mind with increased service limits and additional benefits. It provides a balance between affordability and comprehensive coverage.

Premier Membership

The Premier Membership is the ultimate AAA membership tier, offering the most comprehensive benefits and services. With annual costs ranging from $77 to $164 per year, Premier members enjoy all the benefits of the Classic and Plus tiers, as well as enhanced benefits like trip interruption coverage and concierge service.

Premier members also have access to 24-hour travel assistance, including emergency message center and lost ticket and document replacement arrangements. For those who desire the highest level of coverage and benefits, the Premier Membership is an unbeatable choice.

Additional AAA Services and Perks

Along with the primary benefits offered by AAA, members can also enjoy additional services and perks to further enhance their membership experience. These include notary services, identity theft protection, and features available through AAA’s mobile apps, all designed to make your life easier and more convenient.

Notary Services

Notary services are available at select AAA branches for personal documents, such as vehicle certificate of ownership and advanced health directive forms. AAA Premier members receive complimentary notary services on select personal documents and/or a select number of signatures per day, while other members and non-members can take advantage of competitively priced notary services.

To find out more about notary services at AAA branches, including operating hours and pricing, it is recommended to contact your local AAA branch directly. These convenient services add another layer of value to your AAA Membership.

Identity Theft Protection

Protecting your personal information is essential in today’s digital world. AAA’s identity theft protection services offer comprehensive monitoring and assistance to help safeguard your personal information. With services like credit monitoring, fraud alerts, and identity theft insurance, AAA provides a valuable layer of protection.

In the event of identity theft, AAA offers assistance to help you resolve issues and restore your identity. This additional service ensures peace of mind and security for AAA members in an ever-connected world.

Mobile Apps

AAA’s mobile apps provide incredible features to help members request roadside assistance, track service vehicles, and access discounts on the go. The AAA Mobile App is a convenient way to request roadside assistance and track the arrival of the service vehicle, ensuring you’re never left stranded.

In addition to roadside assistance, the app offers access to great discounts, seamless trip planning, and reliable services, such as finding the cheapest gas and accessing your membership benefits. With the AAA Mobile App, help and savings are just a tap away.

Evaluating the Value of AAA Membership

The value of a AAA Membership depends on your frequency of roadside assistance needs, usage of discounts and savings, and the necessity of travel and insurance benefits. By assessing your need for these services and the cost benefits of a AAA membership, you can decide whether the membership suits you.

Frequency of Roadside Assistance Needs

To assess the value of AAA Membership, consider how often you need roadside assistance and whether the membership would be a cost-effective solution for you. On average, 1 in 3 vehicles experience a roadside incident every year. With the cost of roadside assistance without AAA ranging from $50 to $100 depending on the services needed, AAA Membership could be a more affordable option for those who frequently require help on the road.

However, if you rarely drive or have a newer, reliable car, AAA Membership may not be as cost-effective for you. In such cases, it’s essential to weigh the potential savings against the membership fee to determine if it’s worth it for your specific needs.

Utilization of Discounts and Savings

Another factor to consider when evaluating the value of AAA Membership is how frequently you use the discounts and savings offered. AAA members who take advantage of their AAA discounts can save an average of $170 each year. These savings can be found on a variety of products and services, including:

  • Auto repairs

  • Retail shopping

  • Travel accommodations

  • Dining out

  • Entertainment

These discounts and savings make the membership even more valuable.

However, if you find that you rarely use these discounts, it may be worth considering other alternatives for roadside assistance and insurance, as the membership fee may not be as cost-effective for you. It’s essential to assess your personal utilization of discounts and savings to determine if AAA Membership is the right choice for you.

Travel and Insurance Benefits

Lastly, consider the travel and insurance benefits provided by AAA and whether they meet your needs and preferences. AAA offers various travel-related services, including:

  • discounted trip planning

  • admission to attractions

  • travel booking

  • cruise planning

They also provide travel insurance coverage for trip interruptions due to rental car breakdowns.

If you frequently travel or have specific insurance needs, AAA Membership may offer valuable benefits that make the membership fee worth the investment. However, if you rarely travel or have alternate insurance coverage, AAA Membership may not be the most cost-effective option for you. Evaluating your personal travel and insurance needs can help you determine if AAA Membership is the right choice.

Alternatives to AAA Membership

While AAA Membership may serve many individuals well, it’s worth considering other options. Some alternatives to AAA Membership include:

  • Car insurance providers that offer roadside assistance as part of their coverage

  • Credit card companies that provide roadside assistance as a cardholder benefit

  • On-demand roadside assistance apps that allow you to request assistance as needed

These alternatives provide similar services to AAA without requiring an annual membership fee.

By exploring these alternatives, you can make an informed decision on the best option for you.

Car Insurance Providers

Some car insurance providers offer roadside assistance as an add-on to their policies, often at a lower cost than AAA Membership. These insurance-provided roadside assistance programs typically cost less than AAA’s roadside assistance and may even offer higher coverage limits or longer towing distances.

It’s important to compare the services, coverage, and costs of roadside assistance plans from car insurance providers with those of AAA Membership to determine the most cost-effective and convenient option for you.

Credit Card Companies

Many credit card companies offer roadside assistance and other benefits as part of their cardholder perks, making them a potential alternative to AAA Membership. These benefits may include:

  • Towing

  • Lockout assistance

  • Fuel delivery

  • Jump-starts

  • Tire changes

  • Emergency transportation

  • Travel assistance

Before committing to AAA Membership, it’s worth checking the specific benefits offered by your credit card to determine if they can replace the need for AAA Membership. Be sure to review the coverage, restrictions, and conditions of your credit card’s roadside assistance program to make the most of your card’s benefits.

On-Demand Roadside Assistance Apps

On-demand roadside assistance apps, such as Honk and Driver Roadside, offer pay-per-use services without the need for an annual membership. These apps provide a range of services, including:

  • Towing

  • Jump-starts

  • Tire changes

  • Fuel delivery

  • Lockout assistance

For those who rarely require roadside assistance or prefer a pay-as-you-go approach, on-demand roadside assistance apps can be a cost-effective alternative to AAA Membership. However, it’s essential to compare the cost and services of these apps with those of AAA Membership to determine the best option for your needs.

Family Members and AAA Membership

Family members can be added to the primary AAA Membership at a discounted rate, providing shared benefits and services for the entire household.

By adding family members to your AAA Membership, you can ensure that everyone in your family has access to the peace of mind provided by AAA’s roadside assistance and other benefits.

Adding Family Members

Incorporating family members into your AAA Membership is straightforward. Simply provide their names during enrollment, and they’ll have access to the same benefits as the primary member following an initial 48-hour waiting period. The cost of adding a family member to your AAA Membership can be as affordable as $44.99 a year, with a 50% discount on additional members with Automatic Renewal.

This makes it more cost-effective for the entire family to enjoy the benefits of AAA Membership, as the annual cost is lower than each person having an individual membership. Plus, each additional member will receive their own AAA membership card so they can independently access the benefits.

Sharing Benefits

Benefit sharing can make AAA Membership cost-effective and convenient for the whole household. All members can enjoy the same level of services, even with a shared membership. This ensures that everyone in the family can take advantage of the amazing services provided by AAA, such as roadside assistance, travel discounts, and insurance coverage.

By adding family members to your AAA Membership, you can make the most of the membership benefits and ensure that your loved ones have access to reliable assistance and discounts when they need it most.


In conclusion, AAA Membership offers a wide range of benefits and services, including roadside assistance, discounts on various products and services, travel planning, and insurance options. With three membership tiers to cater to different needs and budgets, AAA can provide valuable peace of mind and savings for many individuals. However, it’s essential to evaluate the value of AAA Membership based on factors such as the frequency of roadside assistance needs, utilization of discounts and savings, and travel and insurance benefits. By considering alternatives such as car insurance providers, credit card companies, and on-demand roadside assistance apps, you can make an informed decision on whether AAA Membership is the right choice for you and your family.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the cheapest AAA membership?

The cheapest AAA membership is AAA Classic which costs only $65 per year or $6.16 per month, offering a great value for money!

Why is AAA insurance so expensive?

AAA car insurance policies are more expensive than the national average, but they are still cheaper than most competitors. This is due to rising costs for insurers and AAA’s policy of independently operating regional clubs and underwriting different agencies.

How much is AAA membership in South Carolina?

AAA membership in South Carolina costs between $59 and $119 per year, providing benefits such as emergency roadside assistance and insurance options. With AAA, you can have peace of mind wherever you go.

Does AAA work in Colorado?

AAA works in Colorado as part of The Auto Club Group, AAA Colorado, and AAA Carolinas. Residents in Colorado can access roadside assistance, towing, battery jump-starts, tire changes, winching, fuel delivery, lockout services, and more.

Is auto Club the same as AAA?

Yes, the Auto Club is part of the AAA federation and provides a range of member benefits such as maps, travel planning, emergency roadside service, DMV services and insurance products.

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