How Tapping Can Ease Your Mind and Reduce Anxiety

EFT Tapping

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Hey there! Ever felt anxious and wished for a quick fix? There’s something called EFT Tapping that could be just what you need. It’s a mix of old acupressure and new psychology. It aims to lower your anxiety and boost your calm. Imagine doing a series of taps that can change stress into peace.

EFT Tapping might make you wonder, but it could be the stress solution you’ve been searching for. You don’t need special skills—just be open and ready to try. It’s a chance to soothe your mind. Let’s explore how tapping can take your mental stress and turn it into calm. And don’t forget, for tapping tips, keep this guide handy with your unique reference

Key Takeaways

  • Discover EFT Tapping, a technique that combines acupressure with psychotherapy principles to manage anxiety.
  • Learn how to apply gentle fingertip pressure to specific points on the body to alleviate stress and improve emotional health.
  • Realize the potential for EFT Tapping to forge transformative neural pathways and calm the nervous system.
  • Recognize that EFT Tapping can be a daily practice, not just a crisis tool, to help build a resilient, tranquil mind.
  • Understand the science-backed effectiveness of EFT Tapping in reducing anxiety hormone levels and initiating epigenetic change.

Demystifying EFT Tapping for Anxiety Relief

Step into the light and let’s figure out EFT Tapping Therapy. It’s your hero against anxiety’s dragons. It mixes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Exposure Therapy, and Acupressure. Think of EFT as your mental swiss army knife. But don’t just believe me; look at the stats. In 2018, 39% of Americans felt more anxious than the year before1. Women, in particular, face anxiety twice as much as men1.

Got a nagging thought? If it’s been hiding out for over six months, you might be dealing with Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)1. But no worries; we’re diving into how this technique can bring peace. Each tap is a step closer to calmness. Prepare for a change in how you feel. Let’s explore what this therapy can do for you.

What is EFT Tapping?

Imagine getting rid of stress just by tapping. Emotional Freedom Techniques, or EFT, are like sending calming texts to your soul. With each tap, you’re telling your body it’s okay to relax. Tapping certain points can tune into your emotions, helping ease anxiety1. It’s like having a mute button for stress.

Understanding the Science Behind Tapping

Wondering how it works? Think of your body’s meridians as invisible roads2. These 12 main pathways are connected to how you feel and function2. Tapping helps fix any energy blockages. Need proof? EFT has helped reduce stress and anxiety and support cancer patients for 20 years2. So, tapping is backed by science!

EFT Vs. Traditional Anxiety Treatments

EFT and traditional treatments go head-to-head. On one side, there are medications and talk therapy. On the other, EFT combines needle-free acupuncture and mental exercises. Amazingly, 70% of people using EFT and CBT digitally saw great improvements in just 8 weeks3. EFT offers deep, holistic healing for both mind and body.

Before we go further, take a peek at EFT’s calming effect. Get ready to start your tapping adventure.

So here’s the scoop. Whether you’re battling anxiety or just need a mental refresh, EFT Tapping Therapy turns up healing. Traditional therapy, move aside. There’s a new method in town, big on the power of tapping.

EFT Tapping Therapy Traditional Treatments
Incorporates CBT and exposure principles Often relies solely on medication or CBT
Utilizes acupressure for physical engagement Lacks bodily-focused treatment components
Shown to reduce anxiety and stress symptoms32 Standard care might not address root energy imbalances
Typically helps within 4-10 sessions May require prolonged treatment periods1

The Connection Between Acupressure Points and Emotional Health

Picture this: you have an amazing toolkit right at your fingertips. It’s designed to help you find emotional balance and boost your energy. This is the world of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). EFT uses a tactic of tapping on specific acupressure points. These points are crucial spots on your body’s energy paths. It’s like a personal switch for controlling stress, but with tapping instead of flipping.

Acupressure Points Diagram

This system is an ancient secret, mapped out by Chinese medicine for thousands of years. But it’s not just old tales; tapping into it can make a real difference. Research shows that using EFT to tap on these points can ease anxiety, anger, depression, and even PTSD45. Studies from 2003 and 1999 link physical problems with anxiety and depression5. So, tapping could be a key to linking your physical and emotional health.

And tapping does more than calm your mind. It can lessen physical pain, improve your sleep, and help with food cravings45. Want to boost your creativity or performance? Try EFT. Research supports that it can help in those areas too4.

For those who like hard evidence, look at the research. Clinical trials back EFT’s success in treating veterans with PTSD5. A 2013 study showed a huge drop in cortisol after tapping5. And studies reveal that EFT can beat insomnia, compared to just learning about sleep5.

Wondering how to start? There’s an app called The Tapping Solution. It guides you through each step, making it easy to try EFT. Find it in the App Store and Google Play4. For students in Tippecanoe County, you have 292 mental health experts ready to help through United Healthcare Student Resources4.

EFT can be your way to address headaches or shoulder pain, increase flexibility, or calm your nerves. It’s your ticket to a balanced emotional state and energetic body. Remember, every tap brings you closer to a stress-free life. Literally!

Real Stories: How Tapping Changed Lives

Ever heard about the power of Tapping, also known as Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)? This tool helps change beliefs and reduce anxiety easily. It’s very useful, like a mental Swiss Army knife for your well-being.

Reducing stress is easier than you think, just by tapping specific body points. Veterans say it works magic for PTSD. Tapping quickly brings positive changes, especially for veterans, easing their psychological stress67.

EFT Success in PTSD Treatment Among Veterans

For many veterans, adjusting back to normal life brings challenges like PTSD. But tapping helps. It reduces stress and helps veterans find calm in their daily lives6.

Studies show EFT helps veterans with PTSD feel much less stressed7. This is a big win for tapping’s benefits.

Personal Accounts of Overcoming Anxiety with Tapping

Tapping helps not just with PTSD but also with other anxiety issues7. It’s like removing a computer ‘malware’ that causes anxiety. Doctors see EFT’s value in treating anxiety and controlling cravings7.

From its start with Thought Field Therapy, EFT has grown into a strong self-help method6. It’s a quiet revolution in self-care, using something we always have: our fingertips.

EFT helps us embrace and control our anxieties. It works well with other healing methods, giving us extra power to heal ourselves. It’s a bonus to therapy, not a replacement6.

Veteran PTSD Recovery Anxiety Alleviation Integration with Other Therapies
Significant reduction in psychological distress7 Described as uninstalling a ‘malware program’ for anxiety7 Can be combined with various therapeutic modalities6
Many no longer meet criteria for PTSD7 Used globally for chronic pain, food cravings, and emotional upsets7 A self-help tool for patients to apply independently6
Efficacy shown within one month7 Reduces heart rate and fight or flight response7 Complementary, not a replacement for professional treatment6

EFT tapping shines for those with PTSD or anyone stressed by life’s challenges. Learn more and maybe give it a try. It might be the solution you’re looking for, right at your fingertips.

Step-by-Step Guide to the Tapping Technique

Are you ready to beat your worries and doubts? Begin your adventure with the Tapping Technique Guide. Dive into this life-changing process.

Identifying Your Emotional Focal Point

First, find what stresses you out or makes you anxious. Call it your emotional target. Rate how bad it feels from 0-10. This helps you see it clearly. Tapping has been proven in studies to lower anxiety. It can lessen stress hormones and make vital signs better89. Around 100 clinical trials show this method works well8.

Crafting Your Personalized Tapping Script

Now, make your own tapping script. It should accept your feelings with kindness. Imagine telling your worries, “I see you. I can handle this.” Research says tapping helps calm emotions in many people. It helps veterans, disaster survivors8, and eases depression symptoms9.

Start your tapping journey next. Tap nine special points on your body gently while saying your script. This can be a hand chop or a head tap. Each tap brings more peace. Students felt their fears fade away9.

It seems simple, but tapping for three minutes can change your mood and thoughts8. If problems seem too big, consider seeing an EFT expert. They can offer more help for tough issues8.

Personalized Tapping Script

View this as your peaceful tap-dance. Continue until you feel calm again. You might need 4 to 10 sessions8. Tapping is great for anxiety but doesn’t replace professional mental health care8.

You might feel like a pro at managing your feelings now. This Tapping Technique Guide is more than steps. It’s your way to feel better, written by and for you.

What the Research Says: Efficacy of Tapping for Anxiety

You may have heard about tapping from wellness enthusiasts. Maybe you’ve even given it a try. But now, let’s see what science has to say about Efficacy of Tapping. We’re entering a space where old meets new. Here, tapping is not just rhythm—it’s a potential way to conquer anxiety. So, let’s dive into the findings from EFT Clinical Trials and see how they stack up against other Anxiety Treatment Comparative Studies.

Clinical Trials and Their Outcomes

Research shows tapping isn’t just feel-good buzz—it truly works. One study highlights how military vets used tapping to lessen their PTSD symptoms7. And it’s not just for veterans. People worldwide have used tapping to tackle chronic pain and stress7. It’s proven effective for everyone, from families to tough soldiers7.

Universities like Duke are even hosting workshops on tapping, led by experts like Dr. Larry Burk7. They’re discovering its benefits. You see, EFT earns its stripes by incorporating elements of cognitive behavioral therapy. This earns it a nod from traditional therapy fans7.

Comparative Studies: EFT Vs. CBT

For those who love comparisons, EFT tapping is challenging Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Imagine this: studies say tapping helps university students manage test anxiety faster than CBT10. And it doesn’t stop there. EFT keeps high schoolers calm about failure for up to a year after treatment10.

Treatment Method Anxiety Disorder Type Duration of Treatment Effectiveness
EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) General, PTSD, Academic Anxiety Varies (some as short as 2 sessions) Significant Reduction in Symptoms710
CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) General, PTSD, Academic Anxiety More sessions compared to EFT10 Equivalent Effectiveness to EFT7

But there’s more. Imagine finding The Tapping Solution app in your app store. Yep, tapping is now digital. It’s a convenient tool for quick stress relief4. With support from places like The Well and PsychCentral, even Purdue University sees its value. It’s becoming hard not to give tapping a try4.

So, there you go. Whether you’re already a tapping believer or still on the fence, the evidence is clear. It’s knocking, waiting for you to explore. Don’t hesitate—try tapping and see the difference for yourself.

The Psychology of Tapping: Creating a Mind/Body Connection

Have you ever tapped on your body and felt instant relief? It’s not just your imagination at work. Psychology of Tapping explores the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). This method combines mind and body in a powerful way. It can relieve stress, anxiety, and pain while calming your nervous system. All this is done by forging a strong mind/body connection.

Let’s talk about the specific body points used in tapping. These points are similar to acupuncture but require only your fingertips. By tapping these points, you’re essentially tuning your emotional well-being. Gary Craig introduced EFT in the 1990s. It aims to improve sleep, enhance performance, and boost creativity. It’s your chance to dance to the beat of your inner self4.

Can tapping really help regulate your nervous system? EFT enthusiasts say yes. Research has shown EFT to lessen stress and enhance life quality. It’s as if your fingers turn into DJs, rewiring your nervous system’s tunes to be more soothing. This process doesn’t just handle emotions; it changes your brain’s wiring, lowers stress hormones, and helps with PTSD symptoms45. Imagine if your nervous system had a go-to chill song, EFT would top that playlist.

EFT has proven to help many people, from college students to veterans. It greatly reduces anxiety and depression. This shows EFT’s wide-reaching effects on diverse groups. It’s also beneficial for chronic conditions linked with psychological stress. This means tapping doesn’t just promote wellness; it also strengthens emotional resilience5.

But don’t just take my word for it. Start your own journey to a better mind/body balance today. Tools like The Tapping Solution app and articles on PsychCentral offer great starting points. Purdue University even provides mental health resources for its community4. So, next time stress hits, remember, a simple tap might bring the peace you’re seeking.

EFT Tapping as a Daily Practice: Not Just for Moments of Crisis

Imagine creating a fortress, but instead of using stones or steel, you use your mental strength. That’s what happens when you add a Daily Tapping Practice to your day. You might wonder, “Why tap when I’m fine?” Well, this is where it gets interesting.

Building Resilience isn’t about waiting for bad times; it’s about being strong in good times too. So when problems arise, you’re not easily shaken. Nick Ortner, known for “The Tapping Solution,” teaches us that tapping, or EFT, helps calm us before troubles hit11. It’s like doing regular checks on your car to keep it running well.

Preventative Mental Health Care is a key player here. Imagine stopping anxiety early on – that’s a big win! Studies show that EFT can really help reduce anxiety, depression, and cortisol levels, even in healthy people11. And healthcare workers? They’re using tapping to lessen pain, stress, and cravings quickly12.

Ready for some stats? Over three million people have downloaded EFT guides. And the Tapping World Summit? It drew over 600,000 people in one year13. The reason? It’s helpful not just during hard times but every day. It’s a set of tools for everyone, ready for whatever life throws at us.

Building Resilience Through Regular Practice

Here’s the deal: tap regularly and you’ll feel less nervous. Just six EFT sessions made a big difference for veterans with depression12. Seeking anxiety relief? EFT showed strong results after just three sessions, way faster than traditional methods12. If numbers could speak, they’d say, “Keep on tapping.”

Tapping as Preventative Mental Health Care

So, what’s all the chatter about daily tapping? Reports from The Tapping Solution show a 41% to 49% drop in stress after just one short session12. That’s right, the power’s literally in your hands. Whether skeptical or a believer, the idea of Daily Tapping Practice for prevention is appealing. It’s a reality that shows not only promise but real, measurable relief.

Now, take a look at these facts, showing how regular tapping gives your mind a strong shield:

Statistics Data Points
EFT Tapping Therapy Effectiveness 90% of patients saw a drop in anxiety levels12
Reduction in Tension Headache Frequency Significant reduction after two months of daily sessions11
Downloaded EFT Instructions More than three million by 202213
Tapping World Summit Attendance 605,355 in 202213

Dance through life with tapping—during exciting or quiet moments. Add Daily Tapping Practice to your life. Watch as you build a Resilience that can handle any challenge. Get ready, tap in, and find peace in being prepared for anything.

EFT Tapping Practice

Physical Benefits Beyond Mental Well-being: Tapping’s Holistic Impact

Exploring Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) opens up a world of benefits. It’s not just about calming the mind. It’s discovering physical health treasures too. Tapping can be like finding a key to overall wellness.

Reductions in Stress Hormones and Improvements in Vital Signs

Think of your body as a tense string instrument. Tapping turns the tension into a calm melody. It helps lower stress hormones, like cortisol, and improves your heart rate and blood pressure5. It’s like making your body’s functions work together in peace.

The Significance of Epigenetic Changes From EFT

Tapping does more than just touch the surface. It’s like a sculptor shaping genetic expressions. EFT encourages your genes to handle stress differently5. This reveals the deep, holistic benefits of tapping for both mind and body.

EFT carves its space in the healing arts world, influencing how our bodies react to stress. Here’s what we’ve found:

Condition Impact of Tapping Study Findings
Anxiety & Depression Reduction Meta-analysis linking symptoms to reductions via EFT5
PTSD in Veterans Improvement Randomized trials illustrate EFT’s alleviating effects5
Tension Headaches Decreased Stress & Cortisol EFT reduces perceived stress and cortisol levels5
Weight Loss & Food Cravings Enhanced Emotional Well-being Depression symptoms improved post weight loss with EFT5
Fear & Phobias Reduction Studies show immediate EFT intervention effects5

Holistic Impact of Tapping

When you tap next time, think beyond easing the mind. You’re sparking a whole body benefit. Your cells might even start dancing to a new beat.

Coping With PTSD Symptoms: How Tapping Can Help Re-Experience Healing

When PTSD hits, your nervous system feels trapped, with memories crashing over like huge waves. Tapping Healing offers a calm rhythm to soothe those waves. Trauma healing isn’t easy or straightforward. It’s full of twists, deeply personal, and needs to be safe. Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) provide this safe, effective tapping therapy, backed by science.

The Role of Tapping in Diminishing PTSD Triggers

Imagine having a method that gently pushes PTSD symptoms away. EFT is this method, using tapping to help. Through taps, it uses acupressure’s power, proven to help lighten your emotional load see the study here14. This therapy, Clinical EFT, is recognized as an evidence-based practice. It offers a strong fight against PTSD, helping you gain mental peace14.

Transforming Trauma Through Tapping

Each tap is a step towards healing from trauma, aiming to lessen anxiety and change your stress response. EFT is more than a temporary fix; it may alter your stress’s chemical makeup14. It can help veterans reduce PTSD’s control and even affect their genes14. Tapping offers the potential to adjust how your genes express themselves. That’s quite impressive for a simple tapping technique.

PTSD Symptom Relief EFT Impact
Reduced Anxiety Systematic Review Success
Stress Biochemistry Changes Positive Changes Confirmed
Neural Alterations Suggested in Clinical Trials
Epigenetic Effects Found in Veteran Study

Tapping might be the key to healing your mind and body from PTSD. The evidence strongly supports Tapping Healing’s role in trauma care14. Maybe it’s time for tapping to start a new chapter in your life. A chapter where you find peace and balance. Let’s explore the healing power of tapping together.

The Tapping Solution: Navigating Self-Esteem and Anxiety Issues

Ever felt unsure while looking in the mirror, battling self-doubt? You’re not alone. Struggling with self-esteem and anxiety is common. Yet, a simple method known as Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) could be your solution. It guides you towards accepting yourself and boosting your confidence.

Enhancing Self-Acceptance Through EFT

Picture this: facing your fears, tapping on your body, and easing the hold of negative thoughts. EFT can make this real for you. A study showed that nurses feeling stress from work felt much better after using EFT, especially during the tough times of the COVID-19 pandemic15. If it worked for them, it can work for you too.

Tapping Away Anxiety to Cultivate Positive Self-Image

Beginning your journey to better self-esteem could start with just a tap. Tapping, or EFT, combines emotional and physical healing. It’s interesting how healthcare workers, stressed from the pandemic, found relief with EFT. This method lowered their anxiety levels significantly, a meta-analysis showed16.

By tapping and saying positive things about yourself, you can change how you see yourself. You can become more confident and beat anxiety.

Ready to face challenges with confidence? With EFT by your side, you might just win against anxiety and low self-esteem.

Nurse-Based Study: EFT’s Power to Build Self-Esteem in Healthcare Workers

Imagine, just for a moment, you’re walking the well-trodden halls of a hospital. Tension hangs in the air. It’s a battle against burnout, and you’re feeling the strain. What if there were a tool, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), that could help? Recent research highlights EFT as a beacon for healthcare workers. It’s especially good at boosting self-esteem.

A 2021 study by Dincer and Inagil found EFT helped nurses handle COVID-19 stress, anxiety, and burnout15. Not shocking, since 66% of nurses face heavy stress, according to a 2010 report by Wu and colleagues15. It’s clear: healthcare workers aren’t just fighting diseases. They’re also tackling emotional battles, as tough as any physical challenge.

As Murthy’s 2022 study reflects, addressing health worker burnout isn’t just beneficial; it’s a non-negotiable necessity15.

More good news: Church and Brooks’ 2010 study showed EFT lessens anxiety, depression, and more for healthcare folks15. Cloud’s 2016 research backs this, proving EFT’s role in easing anxiety15. Staples and team in 2022 found EFT can even change brain patterns in chronic pain patients15. That’s the power of healing hands.

In 2012, Church and his team showed EFT affects stress in the body15. But it’s not just numbers. It’s about real lives. The COVISTRESS survey by Couarraze and team in 2021 shared how hard the pandemic hit healthcare pros15. EFT could be their relief.

Problem Facing Healthcare Workers Percentage Affected EFT’s Impact
Occupational Stress 66%15 Reduced Anxiety and Stress
Burnout Prevalence 40%15 Improved Self-Esteem
Global Stress (During COVID-19) Significant Reduced Burnout Levels

In the US, nurse burnout hits 40%. Yet, EFT offers a way to improve morale15. It’s not just about feeling better. It’s about improving self-worth and reigniting passion for work. EFT reshapes our self-esteem and love for caring.

So, to the one with the stethoscope, discover your potential with EFT. You’ve seen the research; now, thrive in your field. Every tap is a step towards higher self-esteem. Let’s make healthcare less stressed, one tap at a time.


As we wrap up, you now know that Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) are big news, not just quiet whispers. It’s become a major method for dealing with stress and anxiety, backed by lots of research. This evidence shows it can really help improve how you feel17. EFT helps people with lasting illnesses feel less depressed and gives veterans a way to relax518. Clearly, this gentle approach is becoming more popular.

EFT isn’t just about handling tough times; it’s about doing better overall. By tapping and using positive words, you dig into a powerful mind-body link. This can calm your thoughts and make you feel more confident, as seen in studies with nurses18. It helps beat anxiety and lifts your spirits, proven by the high interest in EFT research17.

Research says EFT is a great mix of old wisdom and new techniques. It’s really versatile for improving both mental and physical health. Whether you’re nervous about a big event or dealing with big life challenges, EFT is there to help. It’s great for easing worry, cutting down stress, and making you feel steadier and calmer518. Plus, it can reduce stress hormones and help you sleep better. So, EFT is your answer to ending stress and inviting peace into your life.


What exactly is EFT Tapping?

EFT Tapping, or Emotional Freedom Technique, is like getting emotional acupuncture but without the needles. It’s a self-help method that combines thinking strategies from psychotherapy with the physical touch of acupressure. This helps calm your mind and lower your stress. Just tap away your worries!

How does the science behind Tapping work for anxiety relief?

Picture your body as a network of energy, with anxiety acting as a blockage. Tapping works like a traffic controller; it clears energy blockages by tapping on specific body points. This action helps alleviate stress and soothe your nerves. Studies suggest it can even change brain patterns for better peace of mind.

How does EFT Tapping compare to traditional anxiety treatments?

Traditional anxiety treatments usually rely on medicine or talk therapy sessions. EFT Tapping, on the other hand, focuses on the connection between body and emotions. It combines traditional cognitive methods with physical acupressure points. This approach not only helps with anxiety relief but also adds extra energy to your healing process.

Can you explain the relationship between acupressure points and emotional health?

Sure! Think of acupressure points as buttons that improve your mood when pressed. Ancient Chinese medicine says these points are part of your body’s energy flow. When energy is blocked, you feel emotionally down. Tapping these points helps energy flow smoothly, making you feel happier.

Are there any real success stories of EFT Tapping?

Absolutely! There are many stories, from veterans overcoming PTSD to everyday people dealing with life’s stress. EFT Tapping has made significant positive impacts on their lives. These success stories are supported by both scientific research and actual experience.

How do I start with the EFT Tapping technique?

Begin by identifying the issue bothering you, either emotional or physical. Then, rate your level of discomfort from 0 to 10. Next, create a personalized tapping script. Follow by tapping on the specified points while repeating your script. Now, you’re on your way to feeling better.

What does research say about the efficacy of Tapping for anxiety?

Don your lab coat—research indicates EFT Tapping is effective, not just a placebo. It has shown positive results in reducing anxiety and PTSD symptoms. Studies comparing it to traditional therapies like CBT have highlighted its effectiveness, surprising many.

Can you speak more about the psychology of Tapping? How does it create a mind/body connection?

Imagine reconnecting with an old friend after many years. Tapping facilitates this connection between mind and body, syncing your physical and emotional responses. It fosters a balanced relationship, leading to calmness and a better handle on anxiety. It’s like a romantic scene, but for your brain’s pathways!

Is EFT Tapping only useful in moments of high anxiety?

EFT Tapping isn’t only for high-stress moments. While great for immediate relief, daily practice is beneficial. It strengthens emotional resilience, helping you stay calm in stressful situations. Think of it as routine maintenance for your nervous system.

What physical benefits does EFT Tapping provide beyond mental well-being?

EFT Tapping is like a spa day for your body. It lowers stress hormones, relaxes your body, and can even make genes less stressed. Benefits include reduced pain and a healthier heart. It’s all about holistic health.

How can Tapping help with managing PTSD symptoms?

Tapping may seem gentle, but it’s powerful against PTSD. It helps sort through and calm traumatic memories, preventing them from causing constant stress. Think of it as having a mental clean-up crew.

How does EFT Tapping aid in enhancing self-esteem and handling anxiety?

Ever been bogged down by self-doubt? EFT Tapping can quiet that inner critic. Through tapping and positive affirmations, it boosts your confidence. This process can make dealing with anxiety a lot easier. It’s like updating to a better version of yourself.

Can you tell me more about the nurse-based study on the benefits of EFT Tapping?

Nurses deal with stress daily, akin to heroes in healthcare. A study with nurses showed EFT Tapping reduced their stress and improved their self-esteem, even during the COVID-19 crisis. So, tapping has become another tool in their stress-relief toolbox.

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