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Imagine waking up to the soothing sounds of waves. Or taking in the fresh mountain air, or walking on cobblestone streets all before your workday starts. This dreamy lifestyle is real for digital nomads. They use technology to work from gorgeous places around the world. In the last five years, they’ve been everywhere from quiet villages in the Himalayas to lively cities in the Caucasus1.

Armed with a laptop and strong internet, these adventurers find new homes globally. You might think about a long stay in Tbilisi, Georgia, or a visit to Guatemala’s tranquil Lake Atitlán. There’s a spot for everyone. Also, countries like Croatia and Estonia now offer special visas for remote workers. Just last year, stories about living this way were shared more than 466 times. This shows how popular digital nomadism is becoming2.

Key Takeaways

  • The digital nomad lifestyle has created a global movement over the past five years, with individuals leveraging technology to work remotely and explore new cultures1.
  • Popular destinations for digital nomads include Tbilisi, Lake Atitlán, Hpa An, Auroville, and Chiang Mai countryside1.
  • Countries like Croatia and Estonia have launched visas specifically to accommodate digital nomads2.
  • Reliability and quality of internet service are essential considerations for digital nomads1.
  • The growing interest in digital nomadism is evident from articles being widely shared and discussed online1.

Bali, Indonesia: A Digital Nomad’s Paradise

Bali is a prime spot for digital nomads, thanks to its beautiful beaches, rich culture, and great living standards. It’s perfect for those wanting to mix work with some fun.

Why Bali is Popular Among Digital Nomads

Bali draws a wide mix of digital nomads, including entrepreneurs and artists3. Its visa policies are ideal for people from the USA, Canada, UK, and EU, offering easy entry with a Visa on Arrival for 30 days4. For a longer stay, many get a tourist visa, which they can sort out before they go or via embassies in places like Singapore or Malaysia4.

One of the Best Areas to Stay and Work in Bali is Ubud. It’s famous for its spiritual vibe and tech facilities4. Though Ubud’s internet isn’t as fast as in the West, coworking spaces like Hubud and Outpost help nomads stay productive4.

Cost of Living in Bali

Bali is affordable for digital nomads. Monthly costs vary from $720 to $2,000, based on your lifestyle5. A small apartment can cost between $240 and $430 a month, location-dependent5. Eating out won’t break the bank either, with local meals at about $1.70 and fancier dinners for $205.

Getting around is cheap, with taxis at $1 per mile and motorbike rentals a popular, budget-friendly choice5. Grocery shopping is reasonable too, with milk or eggs costing close to $1.50 each5. Besides, Bali offers co-living spaces and convenient Airbnb rentals, often found to be more economical than other sites5.

The Bali cost of living, combined with its work-friendly vibe and scenic views, make it a top pick for nomads globally3. So, if you’re after beautiful beaches, tasty food, or a buzzing digital nomad scene, Bali is perfect for blending work with pleasure.

Chiang Mai, Thailand: The Classic Nomad Destination

Chiang Mai is known for mixing old culture with new ways, making it a top spot for digital nomads. This city in northern Thailand is loved for being cheap, having speedy internet, and a warm community, perfect for those working remotely.

Co-working Spaces and Community in Chiang Mai

The co-working spots in Chiang Mai are lively and varied. CAMP is a favorite because it’s quiet and offers free wifi if you buy something worth at least $1.606. Punspace, also a popular choice, has two sites that stand out with their design and comfy seats6.

Alt_ChiangMai is great for those who want to work and live in the same place. It has private desks, hot desks, and private offices all available6.

Chiang Mai co-working

Cost of Living and Accommodation Choices

Living in Chiang Mai is surprisingly cheap, perfect for those watching their budget. The monthly bill could include a meal for $1.44, internet for $19.08, and a city-center 1-bedroom apartment for $341.336. In trendy Nimmanhaemin, rooms start at $150 and 1-bedroom flats at $4007. You can find similar places outside the city center for about $2308.

Chiang Mai is 63% cheaper than New York with rent 90% less expensive8. Living cheaply is easy with utilities at $55 a month and Wi-Fi for around $20 per month for unlimited data8. With its great co-working spaces and low cost of living, Chiang Mai is the dream place for digital nomads.

Medellín, Colombia: The Up-and-Coming Hotspot

Medellín, Colombia, is becoming a top choice for digital nomads. It’s Colombia’s second-largest city and offers a great mix of affordability, great weather, and a fun lifestyle9.

Why Medellín is Perfect for Digital Nomads

One big plus of Medellín is it’s cheap. Expats can live well here on $2k-3k USD a month. That’s way less than what you’d spend in big U.S. cities10. The city is full of places perfect for remote work. Think coffee shops with fast wifi and co-working spaces1011. Plus, the time zone matches North America’s, making work calls easier10. The expat community here is lively, with people into everything from crypto to coaching10.

Climate and Lifestyle in Medellín

Medellín is known as the “City of Eternal Spring.” It has mild weather all year and doesn’t even need air conditioning10. This great weather plays a big role in the city’s amazing lifestyle. Its smart urban planning, seen in neighborhoods like El Poblado and Envigado, gets a lot of praise10. Digital nomads here enjoy local dishes like sancocho and dances like salsa10. While it’s mostly safe, it’s good to be careful at night and with valuables11.

Medellín climate

Housing in Medellín is budget-friendly. You can find furnished spots from $200 to $1,500 a month11. The rise of Airbnb has made places easy to find, especially in trendy areas9. Traveling around the city is cheap too, with metro rides at about $0.7011. Expats can stay up to 180 days a year, with easy visa extensions online or locally11.

Tbilisi, Georgia: Off-the-Beaten-Path Charm

Tbilisi, Georgia, is a special spot for digital nomads. It blends history, culture, and modern vibes. Tbilisi offers a great lifestyle for adventure seekers and those wanting to work.

Tbilisi nomad

Cost of Living in Tbilisi

Living in Tbilisi is quite affordable for digital nomads. Weekly groceries can cost about $7012. A meal for two might be $15-$2012. And a cup of latte is just $3-$412, letting you enjoy life without spending much.

Renting a one-bedroom apartment in areas like Vake or Avlabari is about $40012 a month. It’s an inviting option for the Tbilisi lifestyle. Public transport is cheap too, with tickets costing 50 to 80 tetri ($0.2-$0.5)12.

Exploring Local Culture and Lifestyle

Tbilisi’s culture is rich with places like Narikala Fortress and the Opera Theatre. Don’t miss trying local dishes like Khinkali and Khachapuri13. It’s a feast of sights and tastes.

Coworking spaces such as Impact Hub Tbilisi offer a creative place to work13. The city’s low crime rate means you can feel safe14.

Living in Tbilisi is unique; you can explore its history at the Georgian National Museum13. The “Remotely From Georgia” program helps nomads dive into this lifestyle easily14.

Lisbon, Portugal: A European Nomad Adventure

Lisbon is fast becoming a hot spot for digital nomads. It offers old-world charm and modern comforts. Its unique culture, great infrastructure, and community of remote workers make it stand out.

Best Places to Work in Lisbon

In Lisbon, digital nomads have lots of places to work. Coworking spots like Avila Spaces, Lisbon WorkHub, and WOOD are popular. They have everything you need to get work done, including fast wifi15. Also, the neighborhoods of Alfama, Bairro Alto, Cais do Sodre, Principe Real, and Santos attract many. You’ll find a mix of history and modern amenities there15.

Lisbon digital nomad

Looking for a place to stay? Airbnb is a top choice for short-term rentals. Yet, apartments in the center can be pricey15. Living in Lisbon is fairly priced. The public transport is handy, with a monthly pass at about €4016.

Local Experiences and Cultural Attractions

Lisbon isn’t just about work. It’s packed with culture. Explore its scenic hills and diverse districts for an adventure17. The areas of Alfama and Graca are known for their Fado restaurants and local food. They offer unforgettable experiences17. Besides, day trips to places like Cascais beaches, Sintra’s palaces, and Belem Tower add to the Lisbon adventure17.

Living in Lisbon is quite affordable compared to other Western European cities16. A nomad’s monthly budget is around €1,200, not including fun activities16. This budget covers utilities, groceries, and internet16. For luxury, try neighborhoods like Príncipe Real and Cascais. They’re pricier but offer exclusive living16.

Safety in Lisbon is also a plus. It ranked among the top 25 safest European cities in 202015. Portugal’s open-minded laws add to the city’s unique charm. This makes Lisbon a colorful choice for your nomad journey.

Hpa An, Myanmar: Southeast Asian Treasure

Hpa An is a hidden gem for digital nomads18. It’s less crowded and offers a laid-back vibe, unlike Myanmar’s bigger tourist spots. It’s six hours southwest of Yangon and near the Mae Sot border with Chiang Mai. With fewer tourists, it’s perfect for remote work in Myanmar18.

Hpa An digital nomad

Hpa An is known for its rural charm and cultural sites like Kyauk Kalap18. There, a pagoda sits on a limestone rock in a calm lake. You can watch thousands of bats fly out at dusk from the Bat Cave. This is just part of what makes Hpa An special18. The morning markets are lively, selling fresh goods to locals and visitors alike18.

The trip from Chiang Mai to Manipur, through Hpa An, is stunning19. Myanmar’s roads are better than India’s, making travel through Hpa An smoother. Getting a Myanmar E-visa is easy, ready in just 24 hours, which is great for a long visit19.

Myanmar has been open for about 10 years and is still a fresh place to explore20. It offers beautiful scenery, rich culture, and fun activities for Hpa An digital nomads. But be sure to get travel insurance. The roads can be tricky, and the rainy season brings a lot of rain from May to October20.

Lake Atitlán, Guatemala: A Hidden Gem for Digital Nomads

Lake Atitlán is praised as one of the prettiest lakes on Earth. It’s perfect for digital nomads who love adventure and want to save money. This beautiful place is in the Guatemalan highlands. It mixes culture, stunning views, and modern comforts.

Lifestyle and Cost of Living at Lake Atitlán

Living at Lake Atitlán is cheap and fun for digital nomads. The cost for a couple to live here monthly is about $1100. This is cheaper than other popular places for nomads21.

A tiny private home rents for about $720 a month21. Organic groceries cost around $100 monthly. But, local market shopping is cheaper, about $50 a month21. Eating out is affordable too, with cafes and restaurants costing $50-75 monthly21. For those who seek thrills, spending on activities and tours is $40-80 per month21.

Internet Connectivity and Co-working Spaces

Good internet is key for nomads at Lake Atitlán. Wifi speeds in hotels and restaurants are usually 5-10 Mbps. If you need faster internet, you can get 20 Mbps for Q500 per month21. A TIGO sim card offers 8GB of data for about Q100 monthly21.

There’s only one true co-working space, Selina Atitlan. Yet, several cafes like Idea Connection in San Pedro and Sababa in Panajachel offer wifi21. Whether you want quiet for a Zoom call or a creative cafe vibe, you’ll find a spot.

Interested in living costs in Guatemala as a digital nomad? The beauty and affordability of Lake Atitlán make it an excellent choice. Check out more about the Guatemala cost of living for digital nomads.

Barcelona, Spain: Urban Charm Meets Modern Living

Barcelona charms digital nomads with its blend of city sophistication and modern comforts. It’s more affordable than many European cities, making it a great deal22. You can rent a one-bedroom in the city center for $1,087.81. The basic utilities add up to $167.95 a month22.

Barcelona offers fast internet at an average of 87 mbps, perfect for remote work22. Co-working spaces like Betahaus in Gràcia and CoworkIdea in El Raval boost productivity22. The city’s cafes with reliable Wi-Fi add to the great experience for digital nomads.

Staying active is easy with gym memberships at about $45.74. Local transport costs just $2.54 for a one-way ticket22. Living in Barcelona is affordable and convenient. A loaf of fresh bread is $1.49, water is $0.81 for 1.5 liters, and a cappuccino costs $2.3522. Eating out is reasonable with meals around $14.8122.

The Barcelona lifestyle is inviting with its architectural wonders, beaches, and lively streets22. It’s the ideal mix of work and fun. Learn more about living there at digital nomad guide.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam: Dynamic and Affordable

Ho Chi Minh City, once called Saigon, is Vietnam’s largest city. It’s full of life, history, and offers a cheap living cost for digital nomads23. The city’s bustling streets and diverse culture attract those looking for an affordable adventure.

Cost of Living in Ho Chi Minh City

Living in Ho Chi Minh City is cheap, a big plus for nomads. You can enjoy a great lifestyle here without spending much23. The city has everything from street food to modern comforts to fit your budget.

A business visa lets you stay for three months, with a chance to extend to a year23. The weather is also a perk, warm from December to April, making it ideal for nomads23.

Cultural Attractions and Workspaces

Ho Chi Minh City is rich in culture and history, offering lots for digital nomads to explore. See the Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica of Saigon and the Central Post Office to witness the city’s colonial past23. The War Remnants Museum and Cu Chi Tunnels offer a peek into Vietnam’s wartime history23. And don’t miss the local festivals for a taste of vibrant culture23.

Nomads looking for workspaces will find plenty in Ho Chi Minh City. It has a thriving startup scene and many co-working spaces for digital workers23. The Tan Son Nhat International Airport connects the city globally, ideal for nomads’ travel needs23.

Ho Chi Minh City is an excellent spot for digital nomads, thanks to its affordability and culture. It’s a place where history meets modern amenities, making it a must-visit for any nomad.

Cape Town, South Africa: Natural Beauty and Vibrant Culture

Cape Town welcomes digital nomads with stunning landscapes and a lively culture. About 1,370,000 tourists come every year, and 14% visit again24. This city is becoming a favorite for the Cape Town digital nomad community.

Remote work in South Africa is easy with a tourist visa for 90 days24. Living in Cape Town costs less than in New York City. To live like in New York, you need about $2,527 a month in Cape Town. This means you save a lot24.

Digital nomads looking for a place to stay will find different options. You can rent an Airbnb for about $2,251 per month or $84 per night. Hotels cost around $1,048 per month or $50 per night24. Rent in Cape Town is higher than in Durban and Pretoria. But it’s much cheaper than New York City’s rents24.

If you’re careful with money and love adventures, Cape Town’s lower food prices are attractive. Groceries cost 70.8% less than in New York. This makes living and working in South Africa attractive24.

  • Visa: Up to 90 days stay
  • Tourists: 1,370,000 annually with a 14% return rate
  • Monthly living cost: $2,527
  • Airbnb: $2,251/month
  • Hotels: $1,048/month

Many remote workers love Cape Town’s beautiful scenery and low costs. With gorgeous nature and rich culture, it’s a great place for work and fun.

Mexico City, Mexico: The Heart of Nomad Culture

Mexico City is a mix of many cultures, history, and energy. It attracts digital nomads worldwide. The city has vibrant neighborhoods, low living costs, and an active social scene. These features make it the center of nomad culture.

Local Culture and Lifestyle in Mexico City

Mexico City’s charm comes from its cultural diversity. There are around 150 museums to visit, offering cultural growth and creative inspiration25. Popular areas for nomads include Roma Norte, Roma Sur, and La Condesa. They have trendy cafes, various restaurants, and lively nightlife.

Nomads in Mexico City enjoy many co-working spaces. These places support a feeling of community and teamwork25. The city’s art scene mixes traditional and modern elements. This makes it an exciting place to live and work.

Cost of Living and Safety

Digital nomads like Mexico City for its low cost of living. Rent for a one-bedroom apartment varies by neighborhood25:

Neighborhood Monthly Rent
Roma Norte & Roma Sur $900-$1,300 USD
La Condesa $900-$1,300 USD
Reforma $900-$1,500 USD
Zona Rosa $900-$1,200 USD
Polanco $1,000-$1,500 USD

Mexico City has worked hard to improve safety for nomads. The no-cost, six-month Mexico Visa helps nomads move there easily25. These points make Mexico City a top choice for nomads wanting a lively, culture-rich, and affordable place.

Learn more about the Mexico City lifestyle for digital nomads

Digital Nomad Destinations in the United States

The United States is a top choice for digital nomads. It has everything from small villages to large cities26. The different climates, from hot to cold, make it even more appealing26.

Top U.S. Cities for Digital Nomads

New York, San Francisco, and Seattle are great for remote work. These places have strong internet, different cultural areas, and many fun things to do26. People mostly speak English here. This makes communication easy for English-speaking nomads26.

U.S. digital nomad

Cost of Living and Workspaces

Living in the U.S. can fit any budget. There are cheap places to stay, especially in less crowded areas26. For longer stays, you can find affordable houses26. Healthcare is easy to get, with great hospitals and low diabetes rates. This means safer and healthier living26.

These cities also offer fast internet and a mix of cultures and social scenes26. There are many cool places to work, from hip co-working spaces to traditional offices26. This ensures nomads can find the perfect spot to be productive.

U.S. cities remote work


The digital nomad lifestyle mixes work goals with the joy of travel and discovery. People explore top nomad destinations to find the best balance. They choose from places like the tropical Bali and Chiang Mai to culture-rich Lisbon and Medellín. Each offers a good life at a lower living cost27.

Cities such as Tallinn and Seoul are great for their fast internet. This ensures that digital nomads can work without trouble27. In places like Bangkok, Berlin, and Mexico City, the many co-working spaces and networking events help remote workers feel part of a community27.

In places like Tokyo, Barcelona, Berlin, and Mexico City, digital nomads enjoy unique cultural experiences27. There’s a move towards eco-friendly travel, with spots like Costa Rica leading the way. Countries like Estonia and Portugal offer digital nomad visas. This makes it easier to work abroad legally27.

Remote work policies are evolving, with a new focus on wellness tourism. Take Ubud, known for its yoga retreats, as an example27. The digital nomad lifestyle is about combining work and travel. It allows for a deep exploration of new cultures while having a rewarding work life.


Why is Bali a top choice for digital nomads?

Bali is celebrated by digital nomads for its warm weather, lively culture, and low prices. The island provides excellent internet alongside beautiful surroundings. This makes it perfect for both work and play.

What makes Chiang Mai a popular destination for remote work travel?

Chiang Mai combines old culture with new technology. It has many co-working spaces, building a community among digital nomads. It’s also cheap to live there, with lots of places to stay.

Why is Medellín considered an up-and-coming hotspot for digital nomads?

Medellín draws in digital nomads with its evergreen climate, urban growth, and culture. The city is improving its digital framework. This makes it attractive for remote work.

What are the advantages of living in Tbilisi as a digital nomad?

Tbilisi is appealing for its affordable living, rich culture, and relaxed lifestyle. It has a growing digital network. The city offers unique local experiences for remote workers.

How does Lisbon cater to digital nomads?

Lisbon is a mix of old-world beauty and new comforts, including many co-working spots. Its lively culture and tech-friendly setting suit nomads headed to Europe.

Is Hpa An a good destination for digital nomads?

Yes, Hpa An is becoming popular among nomads. Its untouched scenery and peaceful atmosphere boost productivity and local interaction.

What makes Lake Atitlán a hidden gem for digital nomads?

Lake Atitlán is chosen by digital nomads for its cheap lifestyle, solid internet, and co-working spaces. It’s all set in a stunning lakeside location.

How does Barcelona blend urban allure with digital convenience?

Barcelona mixes city appeal with modern features, ideal for digital nomads. Its Mediterranean life and vibrant city vibe draw in many remote workers.

What attracts digital nomads to Ho Chi Minh City?

Ho Chi Minh City entices digital nomads with its lively feel, cheap living, cultural depth, and workspace variety. It strongly connects with the nomad community.

Why is Cape Town an ideal destination for digital nomads?

Cape Town’s beautiful nature and lively culture create a great remote work scene. Digital nomads love its combination of scenic views and city life.

What makes Mexico City a heart of nomad culture?

Mexico City’s cultural richness, low costs, and safety advancements attract digital nomads. Its thriving cultural life also draws in long-term visitors.

What are some top U.S. cities for digital nomads?

Top U.S. cities for digital nomads include New York’s lively streets and the tech hubs on the West Coast. Each offers unique workspaces, activities, and living costs.

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